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Domain email forwarding E-mail Forwarding

Even without an active website you should still have a professional email address.

With our e-mail forwarding service, you will be able to create e-mail addresses for your domains and forward them to any other valid e-mail address.

You may forward up to 250 addresses for only $6.50/yr!

DNS management DNS Management

There are no messy configuration files to worry about with Web-Based DNS Management. Records can quickly be added, removed, and edited using an intuitive interface.

Domain name security Namesafe

Designed to provide the ultimate in domain name security, NameSafe prevents account ownership updates, name server updates, contact updates, moving domains between accounts, and registrar transfers without authorization from the account owner through e-mail. Domains using NameSafe will be under locked status with the registry. Sign up for this product through the domain registration process or by logging into your account.
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